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:: Friday, August 26, 2005 ::
The End, Sort of...
Well today was officially my last day of work. I strolled in at 9:50; ten minutes before my 10AM hand off meeting. Might as well start my last day like I started every other day right? Besides, it was more a formality than anything else. I met briefly with my team, showed my lead my programs, the end result of all my "hard" work over the last month, and continued the process I began at the beginning of the week. Namely, packing up my cubicle which had eight years of accumulated junk tucked away in every corner of it, and wiping my computer clean of any trace that I was ever there. This included, though was no way limited to, my mp3s, my movies, my anime episodes, my documents, my links, my caches and all programs of questionable origin or use.

My final act was of course uninstalling AIM, the program that made the last eight years of my employment not only barable but most of the time, down right entertaining. With that in mind, I'd like to take the time to briefly thank the people who regularly kept me unproductive over my illustrious chatting career. Here they are in semi-chronological, though in actually no particular, order:

Preeti, John, Toan, Winny, Lon, Jene, Sherri, Vicky, Gordon, Jewels, Chris, Courtney, Si, Jann, Win, Mitch, Jerry, Wookie, Tony, Nela, Sam, Mat, Carrie, Jiyon, Event Staff, and Laura.

Thanks for all the memorable convos and shared laughs. Though I don't converse with everyone afore mentioned as much as I once did, I just wanted to say that you all really did make a difference, even Event Staff.

Next, I just wanted to give everyone an introduction to my cubicle-mate for last four and some odd years. This is Bob.

Since November 1999, Bob has sat above my monitor at work and faithfully and tirelessly watched over things while I was away. This is my first picture of Bob because, well they don't allow cameras at my work. Industrial espinoage and what not. Anwyay, despite Chris' best attempts to contrary, Bob has survived. And Bob, is coming with me on my trip. I'm gonna mount the little guy to my backpack and see if he can survive a world wide exursion. Weird? Maybe, but I've never been much for normal.

Moving on, I've been part conditioning and part trying out and breaking in gear for the last week or so. Which means I've been doing a lot of hiking lately. The other day, Chris and I did my first full night hike up to the top of Iron Mountain in Poway. The heat has been so ungodly awful lately, that it was the only viable option. Once we made it to the peak, we set up Chris' tripod and proceeded to take some pretty sick night pics of the surrounded city scape.

This one is a business park in Scripps Ranch and my personal favorite of the night:

This one is of Poway:

and this one is of the 15 Freeway:

Not bad if I do say so myself. Chris also tried to cook us up some apple cobbler with his camping stove, but it ended up burning. Still, all in all, it was a good time. Anyway, out.

:: posted by Z [4:26 PM] ::

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