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:: Wednesday, May 11, 2005 ::
The Irony of Life...
We’ve all done something incredibly stupid in a moment of utter obliviousness. While the consequences of such actions often vary in degrees of severity, their underlying cause is a simple lack of awareness. That’s how I found myself Monday morning entering the carpool lane while my car only had one occupant, namely myself. For those who don’t know, I usually carpool to work with my cousin, Mitch, but he had opted to take a holiday because Monday was his birthday. And the carpool lane on the I15 isn’t like those carpool lanes in LA that are delimitated by mere double yellow line; I had huge concrete dividers blocking me in.

My heart rate spiked suddenly as I contemplating paying the $274 fine for violating the HOV lane. That’s almost $300 I didn’t really feel like paying for my own stupidity. Now in most cases, I would have just pulled out my FastTrak pass and paid the 50 cents toll that allows single drivers the privilege to drive in the carpool lanes, but I had recently removed it from my car. I mean I carpool everyday, why would I need it right? *sigh* Sometimes the irony of my life is so depressing.

So for the whole 10 minutes or so it takes to exit the carpool lane, I’m hyper-aware and scanning the horizon constantly for black and whites. I felt like a shoplifter who had just slipped something into his pocket and now only has to make it out of the store. Then, just as I was about to exit, I notice it. A California Highway Patrol car parked on the far right lane with its flashers on. Great, I think. It’s busy. I can just cruise by and it won’t notice me. But as I approach closer, the flashers stop and the turn signal starts. My heart sank. Nothing to do now but chance it, I tell myself. So with that resolve, I exited the carpool lane, my eyes glued to my rearview to see if the sadly all too familiar red and blue lights start wailing. But there’s nothing. I quickly move over a few lanes and arrive at work without incident. Once there I realized that I had in fact put my FastTrak pass back in the car. It was simply buried in the armrest compartment. See what I mean? Irony.

:: posted by Z [10:33 AM] ::

:: Thursday, May 05, 2005 ::
Law of Inertia...
I should have perhaps posted this on Monday when the weekend was still fresh in mind, but between work, the gym, my new Guild Wars addiction, reading, anime, switching banks, and learning Japanese (or relearning as it were), I sometimes find the motivation to update this site lacking. Event Staff just asked me the other day how it is I have time to do all the extra curricular activities I seem to do, and the question actually gave me pause. That's not something a typical Event Staff question would do. Normally I'd just find a way to reverse it into a snide comment about him, wait for his predictable "I hate you" reply, and call it a day. But after a brief moment, I replied half jokingly that it was because I didn't have a girlfriend. He then stated that he also did not possess a significant other either, and so that couldn’t be the only thing. And after some more pondering, I replied that I only work 7 hours a day, 9 days every two weeks, watch TV shows without commercials (via BitTorrent), and do a lot of errands while at work. All that saved time begins to add up after a while I suppose.

But in all honesty, we all probably waste a horrendous amount of time each day. I mean who really needs sleep anyway, right? It’s a matter of priority and the dreaded yet decidedly common monster of procrastination. If something were really important to me, I know I’d be able to find the time to do it. The only question is what will have to be sacrificed. Often times, it is nothing other than our own complacency but for some reason, and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m as guilty as it as the next person, complacency is a hard thing to let go. You know what they say about an object at rest. Damn you, Law of Inertia. And so the majority of us are willing to just let the seconds tick by as we ponder if we should do something, rather than simply doing it.

I, for one, broke my complacency this past weekend by breaking my no clubbing self-imposed hiatus and venturing out to downtown with Alberto to meet up with Lan, Julie and all the visiting Pharm Kids. It’s strange, the feeling of being uncomfortable in a once comfortable setting but that’s exactly how I felt, standing outside the gray stone walls of On Broadway; a fish out of water when all I use to do was swim. Was it so long ago that I waited impatiently for each Friday, when the phone would predictably start to ring with people as anxious as me to know what the plans were for that night and the upcoming weekend? It seems like yesterday but years have passed in those moments between. Fortunately that uncomfortable feeling would eventually pass; a few drinks and bass-thumping music saw to that. And in that interim I rediscovered what it was I found so addictive about that lifestyle. By happenstance, I also ran into Vu, Chester, Lanet and Steamin. Twee was present as well but I never quite managed to find her. At the end of the night, I had made a few new acquaintances, danced a lot of the night away, and the best part yet, remembered every detail. That’s a success in my book any day.

:: posted by Z [11:49 AM] ::

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