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:: Thursday, November 18, 2004 ::
First Snow Day…
There are things that while doing force us to shed away extraneous thoughts, leaving behind only the simplicity of the action itself. From the moment I step my boot into my binding and hear the click of the lock snapping into place, my mind is empty except for swirl of adrenaline and the howl of the wind though occasionally I do glace up and look at the surrounding landscape in panoramic fashion.

So Jorge, Polo, Eric and I departed Thursday night on our first snow trip of the season and despite getting lost – somehow we ended up in Ontario, don’t ask – we still managed to make good time on the way up. The room we stayed at was meant to house six comfortably and being as there were only four of us, this was also the first snow trip that we didn’t feel cramp with aerobeds and sleeping bags taking up all the available floor space. We also had two bathrooms to divvy up between the four of us and let me tell you, we were definitely flying high if you consider we were staying at this place for about 50% the regular rate plus two free lift tickets a day.

I only got about four hours of sleep the first day, but that’s pretty much the standard operating procedure for boarding trips. We suited up and then drove to McDonald’s to load up on carbs, fat and caffeine. The slopes were for the most part empty, ungroomed but layered in fresh powder. In a little over 6 hours we got in probably about 15 nice long runs. Not a bad first day at all. The next day it was an entirely different story. Saturday brought the people out en masse. We even ran into Stace in the shuttle line. We only managed about 8 runs that day before we finally called it quits and headed home.

I managed to pick up a speeding ticket on the way home just outside of Bishop (damn you coppers *shakes fist angrily at sky*) but besides that it was an awesome trip. Hopefully we’ll be back sooner rather than later. I took a few pics with my new and old camera, and hopefully I’ll have them up along with about 4 months of backlogged pictures but no guarantees. Out.

:: posted by Z [2:38 PM] ::

:: Wednesday, November 17, 2004 ::
A Face to the Name...
So I've gotten a lot of requests from people asking me exactly who is Kris2fur, our resident meathead (actually I have only gotten like 2 requests) and thanks this video made by some anonymous source, everyone out there can finally put a name to the face of Event Staff. So without further ado...

Warning: Do not watch this video while operating heavy machinery or drinking any type of liquid.


:: posted by Z [10:49 AM] ::

:: Thursday, November 11, 2004 ::
What Really Matters...
Well it’s been 9 days since election day and I’m officially over my post-election depression. Yes it was a sad day for America. We affirmed to the rest of the world that maybe, just maybe, we really are that stupid. An unjust war doesn’t matter. The environment doesn’t matter. Jobs and the economy don’t matter. International unity doesn’t matter. Civilian casualties don’t matter. Imperialism doesn’t matter. Lies don’t matter. Accountability doesn’t matter. Paper trails don’t matter. Our votes don’t matter. No, as it turns out the only things that do matter are an unwavering belief in our country, our president (such as he is, and by he I mean Dick Cheney), and the Lord our God, an intense paranoia and hatred of homosexuals (and by that I mean just the men) and their legal coupling, and the sacredness of a few frozen cells that might one day grow up to be Republicans.

Do I sound bitter? Well if I do, it’s with good reason. But that doesn’t mean I’m discouraged. After all, this election also proved that despite voter suppression, intimidation, and outright fraud, a huge segment of America doesn’t agree with the way this country is going or with the theocracy that the current administration is trying to create.

To the mysterious tagger with all the intelligent and obviously well thought out comments, I ask you to express why exactly it is you support the current administration. I promise to try to keep an open mind and listen to your reasons as long as you agree to listen to my counter-arguments. More often than not though, I find that most pro-Bush supporters know nothing more than talking points and are often misinformed or just plain ignorant of the actual facts. They are part of what are now being dubbed the “faith-based” community, believing in the official line without any empirical support whatsoever. So prove me wrong. Give me your reasons if you are as devout as you are trying to appear to be. I, for one, believe in honest discourse. We live in a country where supposedly all voices are equal, but I’ve learned that not all arguments are.

:: posted by Z [11:50 AM] ::

:: Monday, November 01, 2004 ::
The Return of Our Favorite Meathead...
isamu619: so you going?
Kris2fur: haha
Kris2fur: of course
Kris2fur: what else am i going to do?
Kris2fur: unless im getting laid
isamu619: i dunno, stay up in the bay for once
Kris2fur: then i wont go
isamu619: well then obviously you'll be going
Kris2fur: you bastard
isamu619: if that is your prerequisite for staying
isamu619: the truth hurts i know
Kris2fur: how do you know that i dont get laid on a regular basis
isamu619: i've met you
Kris2fur: for all you know i could be getting laid every night
isamu619: its true, there is a remote possibility that that could be true
isamu619: but as an engineer i simply follow probability
isamu619: and the probability is low
Kris2fur: i hate you
isamu619: then my job here is done
isamu619: im gonna go to costco now
Kris2fur: this guy
isamu619: to buy stuff i have every intention of returning
Kris2fur: youre a horrible consumer

:: posted by Z [2:20 PM] ::

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