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:: Wednesday, October 27, 2004 ::
A Day at the Polls...
Or at my computer desk at work actually. Yesterday was the last day in California, not sure about other states, to turn in an absentee ballot. For once I didn't wait until the last possible moment, a tactic I admit I use with great frequency, to do this fairly important task. I took time out last week and read up on all my candidates and propositions, and made the best, most informed decision I could. Along with the obvious presidential race, there were 20 some odd propositions, the senatorial and representative race as well as the race for the San Diego mayor. If you want to brush up on your election day issues, you can check out this nifty little site that Chris showed me www.smartvoter.org. All you have to do is punch in your street address and it'll find your ballot with all the relevant information. And just in case you’re curious to how I voted, I’ve gone ahead and listed it below.

President/VP - Kerry/Edwards
CA Senator - Barbara Boxer
District 50 US Representative - Francine P. Busby
San Diego Mayor - Donna Fry

So read up, get informed, and go out and vote next Tuesday!

:: posted by Z [1:36 PM] ::

:: Tuesday, October 19, 2004 ::
The Last Few Days…
I’d gone to comedy shows and clubs before but I’ve never seen anyone famous, or as Bill Maher would say someone who belongs to America’s 4th major religion, celebrity. Last night, even though I initially forgot about until Chris fortunately reminded me we had tickets, I drove to UCSD and saw Bill Maher do stand up live. Even though a large portion of his jokes were recycled from his show on HBO, of which I have seen every episode, they were still funny and it was still fun. Plus it was nice to be in a room of my kind of people, by which I mean people who would appreciate jokes bashing on the absurdity of the current state of our country, the radicals who control of it, and the sheep that follow tirelessly behind them.

It also started raining yesterday, which means that once again its time for 90% of the people on the roads in San Diego to forget what little they already knew about driving. What is it with falling water and southern Californians? I mean, turn on your lights, drive slower, and don’t be as much of as ass as usually. Is it really that much harder? On the way to school Chris saw a guy driving fast, without headlights and wearing sunglasses. I suspect this is only a problem we see in SoCal, a place spoiled by our usual lack of changing weather. Not that I mind the rain, actually quite the opposite. I like the smell of the air right after it stops raining. Plus it’s a nice change from all the sun.

Over the weekend, I went to Karen’s wine and cheese party. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect because, well frankly, I had never been to such a thing before. But I showed up, 45 minutes late, with bottle hand hoping that I had arrived sufficiently late enough for there to be guests; it wasn’t. Then immediately I find out that Karen isn’t even there because she drove up LA the day before to help assist in Sherry’s birth. I believe it had been over 24 hours of labor and counting at that time. But everyone should be happy to know that everything went a-ok and both mom and little tyke are fine. If you are so inclined to wish to see pictures, you can view them on Karen’s site Shards of a Dream. There’s a link on the left there. But despite being short one host, Tim managed his way through it. We popped the wine and sliced the cheese, and everything pretty much took care of itself. Well that’s what I’ve been up to. Till the next time I build up the motivation to update I suppose, later…

:: posted by Z [5:46 PM] ::

:: Monday, October 11, 2004 ::
Western U: Making Pharmacists Who Care...
Alsalfalu3: i have work today too though
isamu619: so now im all @_@ on caffeine
Alsalfalu3: but thats at 3
isamu619: pssshhh
isamu619: work at 3? i'd trade you
isamu619: 3 till when?
Alsalfalu3: 9
isamu619: ack
Alsalfalu3: dealing with grumpy patients who just want their pain meds
isamu619: maybe i wouldn't trade you
isamu619: i don't like working at night
Alsalfalu3: hahaha
isamu619: grumpy patients eh? thats why i like my job
isamu619: my computer never talks back
isamu619: and if it does, i can reboot it
isamu619: that'll teach it!
Alsalfalu3: hahahahahaha
Alsalfalu3: yes very true
Alsalfalu3: i wish i could reboot patients
Alsalfalu3: hahahahahaha

:: posted by Z [10:30 AM] ::

:: Friday, October 08, 2004 ::
The Law of Inertia…
I have sadly fallen into the cycle that has claimed the lives of so many before me, and that is the vicious trap of television. What’s worse is that in my own specific case, I am watching highly addictive series on DVD or on AVI, so it’s back to back episodes with none of those pesky commercial interruptions. Time elongates and the hours slowly melt into each other becoming utterly indistinguishable unless I happen to glance up at a clock on my cable box or by the off chance I remember to open my blinds and I can see the light of the dying sun waning through my window. I lay there, my muscles slowly atrophying from non-use and motivation for physical activity all but a forgotten memory, a remnant of a perhaps a simpler time when my own life might have been more interesting than the recycled and then regurgitated Hollywood storylines that pass themselves off as drama these days.

But then I remember that feeling of adrenaline as I scream through a turn on my motorcycle with the angle as steep as I dare lean, trusting blindly in only the grip of my tires and the traction of the road. I remember the feeling of oxygen deprived relief as I finally finish lifting a weight I’ve never been able to lift before after struggling on the edge of muscle fatigue. I remember the feeling of accomplishment as I sprint that final entire final minute, giving every last vestige of energy I had held in reserve and that feeling in my legs long after I’ve stop. And then I remember what silence sounds like as I pick up the remote and turn the TV off.

:: posted by Z [9:39 AM] ::

:: Tuesday, October 05, 2004 ::
Plans, Preparations, and Politics...
Even though my big round the world expedition is still many months off, preparations have already begun. Over the last couple of weeks, Chris and I have been researching traveler’s insurance, special equipment, cameras, mp3 players, vaccinations and inoculations, along with a slew of other both major and minor details. In doing so, it has finally begun to solidify the reality of this whole crazy idea in my mind.

I suppose its one thing to say you’re going to leave everything you’ve ever known and exchange it for a backpack and a vague notion of adventure. The economic challenges are also making themselves felt. The necessary shots and malaria pills will probably be cost over a G and I am afraid of calculating the total cost of the equipment I need to purchase. Luckily for Chris, he is already an avid hiker and camper and so already has most of the required gear.

Another rather unfortunate side effect of all this is, it has literally sapped the motivation (of which there was very little to begin with I admit) from work. Chris would probably concur with me. Who can bother themselves with the present when all they think about is the future right? Oh well… I guess I better shape up because July is still quite a while away yet.

Another major preparation we made was to enroll in an Advance Open Water SCUBA class. We both wanted to be advance divers before we head out so we can see some of the more interesting and deeper sites in the countries we go to. Sport Chalet was having a 50% off special in the month of September and it was too good to pass up even though we probably won’t enroll until late November or December. Anyway, I better get back to work now because I have a deadline at the end of the month and a prototype due tomorrow. Later.

Tonight is the VP Debates and I must admit, I have been rather looking forward to it. I can't wait to see what new lies the Republican Mind Control Machine spews out today. Remember, this is the guy who says that Saddam had something to do with 9/11 and that if Kerry wins, we'll be hit and hit hard. Usually it just makes me want to rip my hair out but lately I've been just laughing at it all. The sad thing about democracy is sometimes the masses can be tragically wrong, but I guess when all is said in done, it’s better than nothing. Besides, in less than a year it will be the last of my concerns. I suppose no one has to guess who I'm voting for eh? Haha. Anyway, I better get back to work now because I have a deadline at the end of the month and a prototype due tomorrow. Later.

:: posted by Z [10:45 AM] ::

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