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:: Friday, August 27, 2004 ::
Post Wedding Week Wrap-Up…
Dang I just can’t keep this website up to date. I should just quit trying huh? Anyway, a lot has happened over the last week. My sister finally got married on Saturday and man was it a madhouse. I think all brides go crazy the day before the wedding as a matter of course. By Friday night, I don’t think I’d even classify her as human. My brother and I headed over to Jer’s and played poker till 3am just to escape her, if only for a few hours. Saturday was a jam packed day rushing around from southeast San Diego, to the Church, to the reception, back to the house, out to get party supplies, back to the house, setting up the house and all sorts of other minor odd tasks that need to get done. But in the end, everything went off as planned. The pictures aren’t in yet, but when they are, I’ll post them up and you all can see how beautiful it was. Both the church and the reception had great views of the San Diego and the ocean. It’s now Friday and things are finally back to normal. My sis and her new husband are off on their honeymoon and my brother is in Vegas. Finally, some peace and quiet.

:: posted by Z [4:26 PM] ::

:: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 ::
Unwilling Subject...
Disclaimer: It should be noted that this conversation is posted here against the express wishes of one of the participants, namely our favorite meathead.

isamu619: hey drunk boy
Kris2fur: sup
isamu619: staying sober today?
Kris2fur: man, im really sick
Kris2fur: ive been sick for the past couple of days
isamu619: sick as in how? besides your obvious appetite for underage girls
Kris2fur: ha
Kris2fur: flu
isamu619: oh, probably shouldn't have gone out and got drunk then huh?
Kris2fur: a
Kris2fur: ha
Kris2fur: yea
isamu619: cuz you know, alcohol is the cure for any flu
Kris2fur: it was taco tuesday tho
isamu619: 2nd only to drugs
isamu619: and smoking
isamu619: tacos and alcohol, man thats a great diet
Kris2fur: i think i caught a cold from a stripper
isamu619: this just keeps getting better and better
isamu619: is that the only thing you caught?
Kris2fur: gyea man
Kris2fur: wth
Kris2fur: haha
isamu619: just wondering
Kris2fur: to my knowlede anyways
isamu619: you realize i'll probably have to post this conversation
Kris2fur: nah
Kris2fur: dont post this
Kris2fur: foo
isamu619: drunkness, tacos and strippers, its what my readers want
Kris2fur: ted would have a field day
isamu619: they clamor for more event staff ramblings
Kris2fur: hahaha
Kris2fur: this guy
isamu619: i tell people i only post like 1% of the crazy shit you say
Kris2fur: o more posting about me for at least a week
Kris2fur: no
isamu619: but this is a gem, i can't let it go to waste, it would be almost criminal not to share it
Kris2fur: this guy
Kris2fur: hahaha
isamu619: just give your consent already
isamu619: you know you love the attention, negative as it may be
Kris2fur: nope
Kris2fur: not this time
Kris2fur: this is borderline lible
Kris2fur: hahaha
isamu619: oh well, its not like i really need it, i just thought it would give you some semblance of control
Kris2fur: or ill at least portray it as such
isamu619: lible? i'm just quoting you
isamu619: you obviously aren't familiar with this legal jargon
Kris2fur: you need my consent to quote
isamu619: sue me
Kris2fur: haha
isamu619: I'll simply post a disclaimer stating clearly that I posted this against your wishes
isamu619: thats the most I can offer
Kris2fur: wth
isamu619: actually such a disclaimer will probably entice more people to read it
isamu619: its a win-win situation for me
Kris2fur: your fan base consists of mat, ted, and i
Kris2fur: youre going to lose 33 percent of your following
isamu619: well i also have a number of 16 year old girls who frequent the site but they don't post anything for fear of their lives
Kris2fur: wth
Kris2fur: ahhahaha
isamu619: and its amusing how you act as if you'd stop reading it if i post this, you know you'll check to see how people respond, you wont be able to help yourself
Kris2fur: FOO
Kris2fur: you sound like a crack dealer
isamu619: i pedal a different kind of thing though
Kris2fur: the first posting is free, right?
Kris2fur: hahaha
isamu619: reading is always free
Kris2fur: youre evil
isamu619: people are inherently voyueristic, thats why we like reading about people's lives or their conversations
isamu619: im just giving them what people want
isamu619: evil? i prefer the term opportunistic

Ed. Note: I mean really, how could I not share this?

:: posted by Z [9:53 AM] ::

:: Friday, August 13, 2004 ::
Persuasive Arguments...
More funny ramblings by our favorite meathead.

isamu619: to vegas or not to vegas...
Kris2fur: go
Kris2fur: whats to think about?
Kris2fur: mindless drinking
Kris2fur: reckless gambling
Kris2fur: and there might just be some hoes
isamu619: I'm glad to see you've nailed all the major points
Kris2fur: those are the top 3 on my check list

:: posted by Z [10:31 AM] ::

:: Thursday, August 12, 2004 ::
The Happenings...
Hey, wassup everyone? Long time no see I know. It seems the problem of keeping this site updated will get worse before it gets better but I figured I should post something for those rare few who still check this site in course of their boredom. First off, I do have a legitimate reason for not updating now (I didn't before), I've been literally swamped at work with.... DUM DUM DUM - actual work! Who'd have thunk it? Definitely not me. But this new project has been taking up all my time at work. I don't even have time to hit up Starbucks, go shopping, watch anime, or play online poker. Oh the humanity! I know, I know... I'm the model employee tee hee. But yet somehow I will endure this trial and no doubt survive. At least I'm finally doing something interesting.

Next, this is something I read that amused me this morning and I just thought I'd share since Kris2fur is becoming something of a regular in my infrequent posts.

Kris2fur declined request; the file will not be sent.
Kris2fur: hey foo
Kris2fur: im at work
DivX Rookie: sup
DivX Rookie: oh yeah
Kris2fur: wtf
DivX Rookie: you can't watch porn at work?
Kris2fur: no
Kris2fur: fool

Ahh.. corporate america, you just gotta love how hard we all work to earn those c-notes don't ya?

Let's see, what else can I talk about? Oh yeah, Labor Day is coming up and it appears as if the annual Vegas trip is back on. Now the question is to go or not to go. Also Mat has brought it to my attention that Noctornual is also on the table. But honestly I think Massive Rave + Labor Day = 1 Night Memory Loss. Though in all fairness Vegas + Labor Day = 3 Day Memory Loss. Decisions, decisions right?

Oh yeah, next Saturday my sis is finally tying the knot. Normally when siblings get married they go off and start their own lives, not mine. Maybe she just wants to be unconventional, or maybe it's just to torture my brother and me, but she decided to move back home. That's some warped sense of logic at work there I have yet to discern. Oh well. I can't wait to be out of the quantum singularity (that's a black hole for those non-nerd types out there) that is San Diego. Anyway, I better get back to work. They hired this other girl, a contractor (better known in engineering circles as the enemy), to do the other half of the project I'm on and I can't be caught slipping two months away from performance evals. Out.

:: posted by Z [10:33 AM] ::

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