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:: Wednesday, June 30, 2004 ::
Days Long Past…
I don’t know what motivated me to, but last night I perused through my picture collect and looked at all my old clubbing and partying snapshots. It’s strange looking at them because it seems like those events took place ages ago, and in some cases they did. The life I have now is so far removed from the life I had then. And I can’t deny that there was this slight longing to have those days again but I know it wouldn’t be the same. It’s like when I stopped raving and would occasionally go back to a massive or small club rave. While it was fun, it wasn’t the same novel experience it once was. I wasn’t the same person anymore and in changing, couldn’t enjoy it like I did in the past. However, with the 4th weekend coming up, I started to give serious consideration to going up to LA and partying it up with my old buddies; some who I haven’t seen in months. To go or not to go? LA is so far but if it’s only once in a while, it should be fine I think. I am already dreading the drive back on Monday but if I have a great time the night before, it should be worth it right? I guess I’ll just wait till Friday and see if this mood for reliving a little bit of past still has hold on me before deciding.

:: posted by Z [10:36 AM] ::

:: Tuesday, June 29, 2004 ::
Poetic Burp...
I just want it to be known that I post this under threat by Event Staff. He's been bugging me for days to update. Truth be told, he's not the only one. So without further ado, the lastest prose I've composed after about a 6 month spell of writer's block. Oh and btw, see Lan? Not too depressing at all this time heh.

- Define - [6.28.04]
we all long for a love so bright it renders us blind
and shackles our heart and keeps it confined
then chafe at the prison, all made by design
and buckle beneath pressures we have assigned
conflicting emotions converge and combine
love, always shifting and slipping, so hard to define
sometimes I think the truth lies entwined
between the love that we dream and the one that we find
and as our ideal and the real conflict in our minds
our understanding of it is slowly refined
from granular pebbles to powder so fine
I just hope that it will all be in time
so that when I find you and you find me in kind
we'll trust to our hearts and not undermind
this feeling that can only be described as devine
as it swells and it quells the fear in your heart
and in mine

:: posted by Z [6:48 PM] ::

:: Tuesday, June 15, 2004 ::
Long Time No...
Hey loyal web readership! Sorry I've been so negligent in my duties of keeping you all up to date on the happenings and goings of me, but the motivation I once had to post regularly has waned in recent months. Maybe it's the first few days of summer or maybe it's just boredom, I'm really not too sure. But anyway, I guess a quick little update is in order.

Today is what? Tuesday I believe. It's hard to tell because lately at work I have had much to do about nothing at all. I spend my days chatting and playing poker online. It's gotten to the point that I play in the 0.05/.10 games just so I can earn a little something extra on the side. Can you believe they pay me for this? But all good things must come to an end and one of my supervisors informed me today that a new project is just starting to rolling and I'll be designing one piece of it from the ground up. Exciting isn't? No, it really isn't. But when faced with the oblivion that is complete and utter boredom, I'll do anything to occupy my time. One can only take so many fieldtrips during the day.

In other news, my sister is set to move back home (I'm counting down the days with dread) in under two weeks. I think it's time to change the locks. It's not that we don't get along, it's just that... no wait, we don't get along. Oh well, I guess it's just one of those things I'll just have bear with since she'll be living here for two years while she does her Master's work. Yes I know she already has one. Apparently she wants another one. I'm as baffled as you are. Luckily I'll only be around for one of those years because come next summer, that's right, I'm outta here! Still need to get a new digicam for the trip. I don't think my little 3.2 Minolta will cut it abroad.

Oh, and the Lakers, damn them, lost on Sunday which means they're down 3-1 to the Pistons in the finals. No team, of which there have been 27, has ever come back from 3-1 to win the title. That's not to say there isn't a slim sliver of hope, but the way they've been playing, it might be time to start thinking about next season. Tonight is Game 5, which they should win just so they don't totally humiliate themselves from going out 4-1. In their defense however, the calls the refs have been making appear to be completely one-sided. 8 vs. 5 is never a good way to play any game.

And oh yeah, Jewels will be visiting this weekend from the bay. Like her previous trip down, she requested the use of my house on Saturday for a little BBQ. So if anyone is in the area around noon, feel free to drop on by. But call beforehand because you know how asians lag. Out.

:: posted by Z [1:37 PM] ::

:: Wednesday, June 02, 2004 ::
My Five Day Weekend…
Last Friday was an off-Friday, Monday was Memorial Day and yesterday, because I was still recovering from partying Sunday night, I called in sick. That made this last weekend, a nice 5 day mini-vacation and believe you me, after so many days of freedom, I did not relish the idea of coming back to work at all. But alas, I had to eventually. They do pay me for something, though at times I’m at a lost to say exactly for what. All in all, it ended up being a very good weekend. I got to kick it with some old friends, some really old friends and even a few new ones to boot. I saw Shrek 2, which by the way is an excellent movie.

I even managed to avoid temptation and stay in SD, while Gordon, Francis and Liz drove up to LA and partied with the rest of the crew in Hollywood. What can I say in my defense? I’m too old to party that many days in a row. I saved up all my energy for Sunday night. I had a good time at Chester’s party, despite drinking a tad too much. Something I blame solely on Jen, but that’s hardly anything new. The weekend ended on a high note, with the Lakers winning the Western Conference Finals in six on Monday. Now I get the whole week off until Sunday, when the Finals start against Detroit. Ok now back to work, and not working…

:: posted by Z [2:29 PM] ::

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