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:: Thursday, May 27, 2004 ::
Lazy Days…
And so, even after my big meeting, I was still left with very little to do at work. I think I worked for 30 minutes today on a small problem but it was quickly and quite easily rectified. So I took a 1½ lunch break and went to the Costco in PB to develop some digital prints, a new mini-obsession of mine and Chris.

I had to wait around for an hour while they processed the pictures, so I wandered aimlessly the wide and spacious aisles of Costco, perusing and tinkering with whatever happened to catch my fancy. One notable was a back massager that straps into most chairs for $80. I did the demo for a good 5 minutes and man was I relaxed afterwards. I might have to go back and get that after my next paycheck.

I also checked out Costco’s wine section. They have some score next to them that I assume is out of 100, but I’m not sure exactly what it means showing once again how ignorant I am of wine. But still, I picked up a bottle here and there, read the label and pretended to know what I was doing. Eventually my pictures were done and I decide I should go back to work.

:: posted by Z [2:11 PM] ::

:: Friday, May 21, 2004 ::
Fumes, Forgetfulness and Fire...
Ok I really have to stop being so lazy with this site. It’s not that nothing is happening, it’s just I lack the motivation to post anything. I really don’t know why, but anyway, I wanted to relay an amusing story that happened a few nights ago. I was sitting at home, having my typical week night, namely watching anime and burning DVDs, when I started so smell something funny. At first I thought it was a neighbor barbequing, my room faces the street and I often am subjected to this type of thing, but as the fumes increased in intensity, it started to smell more like burning plastic.

I get up, look out my window and see a man standing beside a small fire in a pot on my driveway. The absurdity of it caught me off guard. I managed to stammer out “What are you doing?” to which he responding “trying to put out this fire.” The only thing I could think to respond with was “Did you start it?” He then informed me that he was my neighbor from across the street and that our house had almost burned down.

It turns out that my mom had left oil boiling to fry up some egg rolls and had forgotten about it. The oil and subsequently boiled over and caught fire. The scary thing is, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened and my room is right underneath the stove. My mom is very absent minded which is one of the reasons why she’s a terrible baker. She burns EVERYTHING. I guess I should just be grateful that this fire didn’t get entirely out of control and I’m not sifting through the ashes of my room looking for keepsakes.

:: posted by Z [9:29 AM] ::

:: Saturday, May 15, 2004 ::
The Lakers just became the 8th team in NBA history to come back from being down 2-0! I almost had a heart attack so many times during the game but the Lakers got it done in the 4th led by scoring by Kobe and defense from Shaq. I know it's only the Western Semi-Finals, but the Spurs are not only the defending champs but the toughest team in the playoffs. I feel like they've already won it all though there's still a long road ahead. *sigh of relief* Now I must calm down...

:: posted by Z [10:42 PM] ::

Thursday Night Heroics...
I’ve watched basketball for a long time and I’ve seen some crazy things, but nothing, and I mean nothing like what I saw on Thursday night: 3 lead changes in less than 12 seconds and a prayer that was answered for the Lakers in the last .4 seconds. No, that’s not a typo. Duncan threw up a prayer to give the Spurs the lead with less than a second to go. The Lakers then inbounded to a curling Derrick Fisher who caught and shot the ball in one fluid motion. The rest is history. Now the Lakers get to go home to LA and try to close out the series and advance to the Western Conference Finals.

Right now I’m watching Game 5 of the Pacers Heat series, nervously waiting or tip off of Game 6 between the Lakers and the Spurs. I honestly don’t know how it will all end, but the anticipation, the desperation, the excitement, the hope, and the heartbreak… all of those reasons are why I love this game.

:: posted by Z [6:44 PM] ::

:: Wednesday, May 12, 2004 ::
It’s FAN-tastic…
I had no idea what to expect yesterday for Game 4 of the Lakers Spurs seven game series but I can’t say I was disappointed in the result, just a little amazed and now hopeful. It was a great game, unless of course you area a Spurs fan. Kobe had 42 points and Shaq had 28, but the important thing is that Lakers have done the improbable and evened up the series at 2 apiece with game Game 5 back in San Antonio on Thursday. I, like many fans, was almost ready to write off the entire season. Now I think they actually have a shot as long as they can keep doing what they’re doing. But if the Lakers have been consistent at one thing this entire season, its at being inconsistent. I guess that unpredictability is what makes watching them so exciting. If you don’t follow sports or root for a team, it’s probably hard to understand my enthusiasm. If you do, you know exactly what I’m feeling.

:: posted by Z [2:38 PM] ::

:: Monday, May 10, 2004 ::
Another Cubic-Funded Movie Outing…
You know, there are times that I absolutely love my life. Take Friday for example. I came in at around 9 and basically did nothing until a lunch meeting at 12. There, I was provided a free meal and spent the majority of meeting with Chris clowning on our co-workers. The restraint required not to bust out laughing out loud was incredible. Afterwards, we slacked off until finally at 2:30, we decided to leave early in order to catch a 2:45 showing at Fashion Valley of Envy, which by the way is a worthless movie. Don’t go see it. After that, we movie hopped and caught the 4:35 showing of The Girl Next Door, which was definitely worth the free ticket. Elisha Cuthbert was looking mighty fine. Afterwards, we headed back to my house where we used the Vitamix Mixer I got my mom for Mother’s Day to make tortilla soup from scratch in about 15 minutes. Then we watched Payback on DVD. In my book, that’s a pretty good Friday.

The next day I woke up fairly early, made myself a fruit shake, and then headed off to the gym. While running my 2 miles on the treadmill, listening to tunes on my discman, I was seriously overwhelmed with appreciation for the great things in my life. Almost every week, I have to come up with 4 things I’m happy for and 4 things I’m unhappy about. Some of you might have noticed I started this a couple of months ago. It’s my way of keeping things in perspective. And to be honest, I hardly ever have to think too hard to come up with things to be happy for. Most of the time, I have a harder time finding things to complain about. That feeling has carried over into this week. I hope it can last until Thursday (this week is an 4 day work week for me).

:: posted by Z [2:35 PM] ::

:: Thursday, May 06, 2004 ::
Identity Theft, Credit Cards and the Public Library...
Pretty much this post will be a bunch of randomness thrown together because I have been extremely neglegent as of late in the updates to this site. First off, when I got home today from the gym, I found a letter from UCSD waiting for me marked "OPEN IMMEDIATELY." Since I graduated from UCSD quite some time ago, I had no idea what could warrant such urgency. My curiousity piqued, I did as it suggested and opened it immediately.

Inside I found a letter informing me that some hacker, who was up to no good, had broken into UCSD supposedly secure databanks and stolen my person information. Curse you UCSD! *shakes fist angrily at sky* Even after I graduate, the low down dirty Regents still find a way to stick it to me. *sigh* I guess I should have expected it. So I was forced to call Equifax and place a fraud alert on my credit file which among other things will alert me if anyone, including myself, tries to open any new accounts under my name.

While I was at it, I decided to continue my credit housekeeping, as it were, and cancelled a bunch of my unused and abandoned credit cards. In all, I cancelled and cut up over 6 unused cards. Surprisingly enough, the wait to talk to a "customer care representative" was very short. A pleasant surprise I suppose after a very unpleasant one.

Afterwards, I logged onto my Amazon.com account to peruse my latest wishlist of books that I've just been itching to read but whose relatively high price has made me reluctant to buy them. Then I thought of my new renewed public library card, and logged onto the SD Public Library database. I searched for all the books on my list and lo and behold, each of them were available. And with SD's new system, I can have them routed to the PQ library, the closest one to me, and they'll call me when they arrive. How awesome is that? I guess I'll have to get over my hang up of actually wanting to own the books I read. The potential in savings are just too great. Hehe. Oh well, now time to get ready for Thursday poker night! Laters.

:: posted by Z [6:20 PM] ::

:: Tuesday, May 04, 2004 ::
On Boredom and Love...
Ok, I've just been way too lazy to post lately. I personally blame this incessant heatwave SoCal has been subjected to over the last week or so. So instead of posting myself, I have decide to borrow instead heh. Here's a snipet of a post that Sherri, aka Crackhead, wrote a few days ago that I found insightful, amusing and ultimately slightly depressing.

Apparently, boredom is really only a mild, fleeting case of depression and love is really only a chemical imbalance of the brain. The brain can only produce the chemicals necessary to sustain this euphoric state for 2 to 7 years tops, which is why mad love fades. But hopefully, by the time it has, co-dependency will have already stepped in to replace it as the cohesive factor in a relationship. How depressing is that.

:: posted by Z [11:22 AM] ::

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