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:: Friday, August 29, 2003 ::
An So It Begins Again...
Well I just finished packing and it's about T-minus 8 1/2 hours till we embark upon the latest in the series of crazy Labor Day Vegas trips. This one will definitely be up there with the rest because we're finally going to do it, we're finally going to Rubber: Pimp n Ho. Tickets check. Costumes check (with plenty of bling bling to spread around). "Party favors" check check and check some more. Packing check. Cars check. Well looks like all things are a go. I'll be cruising up in my mom's new Jeep Grand Cherokee tee hee. I can't wait but I thought I might want to post something real quick before I attempt, probably unsuccessfully, to get some shut eye cause it'll be Tuesday at the earliest before I post anything again, and of course it will be the censored version. But if you want to see it uncut and uncensored, meet us in Sin City and the Orleans Arena on Saturday night! Well off I go! Everyone have a great Labor Day Weekend. Party hard and safe!

:: posted by Z [1:29 AM] ::

:: Tuesday, August 26, 2003 ::
AGlimpseInside Announces...
I just wanted to get the initial word out that the house party is on. Sept 13th. My place. BBQ by day, party by night. So spread the word and keep your calenders open on that day. I'll need people to help with food for the BBQ and alchy for the party. More info to come later.

:: posted by Z [11:09 AM] ::

:: Monday, August 25, 2003 ::
Weekend Aftermath Report…
So I know I wasn’t suppose to go clubbing until Vegas, but you know what the say about the best laid plans of mice and men right? Plus it was Julie’s birthday and I decided that that was a sufficient reason to break my little deal with myself and drive to LA, even though it was just to kclub. The night was alright. We went to the Velvet Room in, where else, ktown. The club itself was small and entirely too smoky for my tastes, but it was basically like I expected. I think I’ve made the final transition from being apathetic about clubbing to strong dislike. In fact, I doubt I would be going to Vegas if we weren’t planning to hit up Rubber on Saturday night, which is more a rave than a club. Not to say that I’ll make a return to raving, with Rubber being the first stop in my comeback tour, far from it.

Anyway, after the club I went straight home to SD. The drive was surprisingly good even though I was all by my lonesome and I got home around 4:30. Now any normal person would have crashed out immediately, but oh no, not me. My dumb ass gets on the phone and stays there till 7. Not to say the phone conversation wasn’t good, actually surprisingly so for being in the early hours of morning. But when I saw the sun rising through my window, I knew that I had made a mistake. Sigh.

Then to top it off, my sis wakes me up at 12 and I feel like utter shit. I drag myself around my house, shoulders slumped, head downcast like the living dead, talking only as much as is required and even then the responses are merely grunts or a nod of a head. By 3:30 I picked up Jorge and headed over to meet up with Richard and Colin to go shopping in Hillcrest for our Pimp and Ho costumes. Who knew Richard was such a homophobe? We went into this obviously gay store in Hillcrest called The Closet and Richard could get over it until we were in PB. Haha. That, in and of itself, might have made it all worth it. In the end, I ended up getting a shirt and a lot more bling bling. Vegas here I come!

:: posted by Z [9:58 AM] ::

:: Tuesday, August 19, 2003 ::
AGlimpseInside Questions…
To house party or not to house party, that is the question. As some of you may know, my birthday is just around the corner and it has been suggested by some individuals that instead of clubbing after my BBQ, I should return to my roots and throw a house party like the infamous ones I threw while I was an undergraduate at UCSD. After some thought and deliberation, I still have not come to a firm conclusion. So that’s why I’m asking for a little input from you out there. What do you think? I have gotten preliminary permission to throw this little event but there’s still a matter of if it’s worth it. So if you are planning on attending and would like to party it up after stuffing yourself and sunning by the pool, or if you would attend if I threw a party, let me know. Send comments and suggestions to me at dzuypham@hotmail.com.

:: posted by Z [10:39 AM] ::

:: Monday, August 18, 2003 ::
Just Another Manic Monday…
After a relatively calm weekend I still find myself in my typical state: exhausted and sleepy. Maybe it’s just a curse I can’t escape. Who can say? But I took the weekend off from clubbing or any other type of partying experience – resting up for the big Labor Day Extravaganza in Vegas, or so I tell myself. I did however find some time to hit up PB with Richard in search of the costume I will wear to Pimp n Ho but managed only to purchase some fake bling bling. Richard however was able to find a shirt, some shades and also purchased a fair amount of fake bling bling himself. I guess my pimp fashion sense just wasn’t working or maybe never has, but we’ll try again this weekend in Hillcrest. Hopefully, I’ll have more luck. Thank god this is a four day work week. I don’t think, in my current state of my mind, I could endure a full five days. Oh and on a totally off-tangent note, I found the next cheesecake concoction I shall be attempting: SNICKERS CHEESECAKE. Mmm! I got the idea from watching a show on Food Network about the best food tours or something or other. But yeah, I can't wait! w00h00.

:: posted by Z [10:48 AM] ::

:: Tuesday, August 12, 2003 ::
AGlimpseInside Wishes...
This should have probably been posted yesterday, but I just wanted to take a moment and wish all those crazy kids at Western Pharmacy and one extremely disoriented DO student, who is hating life and the making the difficult transition from romping around Europe to being confined to a classroom and being forced to learn about not-so-fun topics, good luck on another school year which began yesterday. Special shout out to Lan who just moved up to Ontario and is beginning her first year there at Western. Another asian female pharmacy student lost in the mix that is Western U. So all you pharmacy kids take care of my lil sis k?

Also, a happy belated birthday to Liz who celebrated her 24th bday yesterday. Getting older sucks, but hey we all gotta do it eventually right? I hope you got some dope gifts girl.

:: posted by Z [10:03 AM] ::

:: Monday, August 11, 2003 ::
Weekend Aftermath Report…
Here we go again... Well for once we didn’t go clubbing, but what we did do was have a crazy house party at Nela’s new townhouse in Ontario to celebrate her moving in. I showed up on time with my cheesecake which meant I was waiting for several hours before everyone else started showing up. A few Smirnoff Ices and some games of NBA Street helped passed the time. I was suppose to leave at 10PM to make it home in time for my brother’s birthday BBQ but unfortunately my lack of restraint with the liquor made my extended attendance mandatory. And except for a few snags, the party was bumping.

The pharmacy kids were crazy as always, the music courtesy of DJ Vu was off the hook, and the entertainment, provided by Chester, Steve and a generous amount of free flowing alcohol, was amusing as always. Magic markers, white T’s and wife beaters were fine holiday fun. Good times for the entire family. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up. Tran brought a dozen of her little cousins. Steamin’ made a surprise guest appearance from the bay. Chester started a fight in the living room. Some one yacked on the wall. There were a few random party crashers. You know, our standard night of ruckus but this time in a more domestic venue. So much love out to Nela, Tho and Vy for letting all of us party it up in their pad. However, the night ended on a bad note for me as I got a ticket 15 minutes from home. I was going 100+ but the cop wrote me up for 90. So I guess I should be thankful for that. Traffic school here I come.

:: posted by Z [3:51 PM] ::

:: Friday, August 08, 2003 ::
"Hard" at Work...
D********: i'm gonna go jerk off in the restroom
Kris2fur: haahsahhahaha
isamu619: just like 40 days n 40 nights
D********: yup
D********: tight huh
isamu619: it would be tighter if i could post that
D********: nope
isamu619: bah
isamu619: oh well
D********: ok post it.. i don't give a fuck
isamu619: thanks
D********: your welcome

note: name omitted to protect the guilty

:: posted by Z [10:19 AM] ::

:: Wednesday, August 06, 2003 ::
AGlimpseInside Defines...
pre-party (pri par te)
noun : a social gathering especially for the purpose of assembling a group of individuals and consumption of alcohol before relocating to a larger party or an establishment that stays open late at night and provides food, drink, entertainment, and music for dancing often for a price: The pre-party for Century Club is at Lost n Found.

intransitive verb :
1. the act of celebrating and carousing at a pre-party: Everyone pre-partied at Chester’s before the club.
2. consumption of alcohol often in mass quantities directly before a social event where one is charged for alcohol. They pre-partied in the parking lot and came in to the club buzzed.

:: posted by Z [3:26 PM] ::

AGlimpseInside Moment...
supahdon: laurie im's me at midnight last night
supahdon: "Hi! I'm drunk."
Swim4SPD: ok
supahdon: she's having a party for her roommate's bday
supahdon: i jokingly give her crap for not inviting me
supahdon: so she invites me over
Swim4SPD: hehe
Swim4SPD: ok
supahdon: i was thinking to myself....it's kinda late, it's a work night....
supahdon: lam chimes in: "WTF? Go!"
Swim4SPD: yeah
Swim4SPD: you idiot
supahdon: heh
supahdon: without getting into too much detail
Swim4SPD: so what happened?
supahdon: 3am + hot tub = I have a girlfriend
Swim4SPD: really?
supahdon: really really
Swim4SPD: well that has got to make you feel like a man
Swim4SPD: welcome to the club :-)
supahdon: yeah, it's nice having my testicles back

so the lesson to story kids: GOD BLESS ALCOHOL!

:: posted by Z [10:04 AM] ::

:: Monday, August 04, 2003 ::
AGlimpseInside Inquires...
MeMeMe143: those weekend reports are always so funny
MeMeMe143: i can't imagine what other poeple think of us when they read that

what indeed...

:: posted by Z [1:46 PM] ::

Weekend Aftermath Report…
Here it is, the weekend report bright and early! Ready? Alrighty then, let's begin! So a rare occurrence transpired last night - I actually went to sleep before midnight. A long and tiring weekend in LA plus the weight of an 8:30 meeting with my new team at work will do that I suppose. Now its 9:30 and the meeting’s over but the soreness in my legs and the general state of post-clubbing fatigue remaining tells me I’m still recovering. I hadn’t been to LA in quite some time, hadn’t seen Julie and Jiyon or crashed at Lost n Found in some time, and hadn’t been to Century Club in some time. Saturday night, I took care of all three in a nice broad stroke.

It started off well, driving up to LA with Thuy Saturday afternoon to meet up at Lost n Found for a little pre-partying, but once we actually got to the club and I started drinking with Event Staff. Well, this pattern is all too sadly familiar. Somewhere along the line I lost my sanity and was doing shots of vodka and 151 with Event. The hell was I thinking??? And then, well then my night quickly spiraled into oblivion. While I didn’t completely black out, there are parts of the night, the slightly bad and drama-filled parts from the story I’m slowly piecing together, that I don’t remember. Sometimes after clubbing, I feel like I’m a detective of sorts investigating a crime. Collecting testimonials, looking at photographic evidence, and using my induction to reconstruct the events that actually took place during the too frequent gaps in my memory. But once I do reassemble the night, sometimes I conclude that maybe it’s for the best I don’t remember.

Sunday we all woke up ungodly early for no real reason and traded stories. For those of you who weren’t there, here’s a brief recap. Steamin originally thought he spent $150, but later on found credit card receipts for another $90, bringing his grand total up to $240 for the evening. Event Staff was a close second, coming in at $200. And Chester, well Chester is going to wait until he gets his statement. He likes those kinds of surprises. Jiyon went crazy again and threw up, inadvertently soiling Chester’s hand. Chester, afraid of staining his clothes, did what any normal person would do in that situation; he wiped his hand on Event Staff’s head. Haha. That was the beginning of a trend because later when Steamin’s hands were messy from the hot dogs after the club, he wiped them on Event Staff’s shirt. This was all news to Event when we told him the next morning. Nela threw up and was so happy, Steamin said he thought she won the lotto. Jiyon passed out in Julie’s bathroom AGAIN but not before she made Steamin and Vu carry her up five flights of stairs. Thuy actually drank responsibly and remembered the whole night! Julie, who was suppose to meet up with us later, never even came home, causing Steamin, Chester and Vu to bombard her cell with calls and vmails until her mailbox was full. As for me, I got another black mark on my record and another embarrassing incident for Steamin and Chester to clown on me for. *sigh* Oh well. This concludes our broadcast day.

:: posted by Z [10:02 AM] ::

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