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:: Wednesday, July 30, 2003 ::
Repercussions of Rank…
Why is it, as the clock strikes the hour where any normal and sane individual who had work the following morning would go to sleep, I begin to feel this often insatiable urge to either watch TV, watch anime or read a book? Am I incapable of simply turning off the light, laying my head down upon my pillow and making the transition to REM-filled unconsciousness like everyone else? The answer, sadly, is decidedly no. *sigh* It’s almost as if in some way; it is my quiet and also quite futile defiance of our human need for sleep which I resent to no small end. Think how much of our day is wasted sleeping. Though I suppose in a world without sleep, where we had no place to retreat from constant stimulation and thought, a place where we are free to dream without consequence, insanity would most likely be the final result. I guess my resentment, like many human emotions, is slightly illogical. Oh well. So there I was, watching Rank on E! Entertainment, the night growing longer by the minute, as Brooke Burke ranked the 30 hottest bodies in Hollywood. So this was what passed for entertainment these days. And now, now I am paying the consequences. So tired… Need coffee… No wait... make that need sleep... (so I was wrong again)

:: posted by Z [9:52 AM] ::

:: Tuesday, July 29, 2003 ::
AGlimpseInside Defines...
drunk calling (DRUNGK kol ing)
verb : the act of initiating communication while inebriated with many consecutive usually sober and/or sleeping individuals via cellular telephone for personal amusement, typically done in the early hours of the morning after an evening of socializing, dancing and heavy consumption of alcohol

:: posted by Z [2:03 PM] ::

:: Monday, July 28, 2003 ::
Better Late Than Never...
Well here it is folks, the weekend report, a tad tardy in its delivery I admit, but nevertheless on overall time. Heh. I was trying to make it a whole month without clubbing, a feat I have not accomplished in probably well over a year, which is why there are always new pics every month since this site has been up of me at some random but usually not so random club. Even when I was abroad I was clubbing, except of course for my short business related stint in the holy land where I abstained from indulging my clubbing cravings for obvious survival based reasons. But a certain someone would not cease from hassling me. Finally the last of my reservations were pushed aside and I ceded to her whims.

So Friday night, I put on club attire and made my way to Ole Madrid in downtown SD, but not without first hitting up La Jolla to meet up with the crew and to do a little pre-parting of course. Note: Sky Berry and 7-Up = GOOD. I finally got to meet the infamous Scoobies and even got to see them do some lesbianish activities. *raises eyebrow* When we got to the club it was fairly dead inside but that changed quickly. While it never got crowded to the point where one might compare it to a can of sardines, which I might add aren’t actually packed together that tightly in comparison to let’s say pickles, there were enough heads to make the place bumping, at least for a little while. The cool thing about the night was running into so many random people there. Mix and his crew. Frank and his crew. Kam of all people! Isn’t she in Japan? And the list goes on. The best thing of it all was I remember it all. The no black out rule is still in effect! Hopefully indefinitely, but with Steamin and Event Staff coming down this weekend, who can say what will transpire?

Sunday, after waking up at noon (damn I love sleeping in) I rolled over to La Jolla to meet up with Penny and headed up to Newport Beach. After meeting up with her friend Christine and Peter, we all headed over to the beach to just spend a nice relaxing afternoon in the sand and sun. Unfortunately it was a bit too windy and chilly to be considered ideal, but the abundance of nice scenery running back and forth across the wet dark sand more than compensated for any physical discomfort I might have had. Tee hee. Afterwards it was a totally gluttonous meal at Islands before passing out on the drive home (sorry Penny!). Food coma is my defense!

:: posted by Z [11:13 PM] ::

:: Thursday, July 24, 2003 ::
Have You Made Any Friendsters...
isamu619: hey on your friendster profile, does it say you want to meet people for dating?
Kris2fur: im not sure, i havent looked at it for a while
isamu619: oh i was just curious to see if anyone msg'd you hehe
isamu619: i know some people who got msg'd
Kris2fur: dude
isamu619: im just curious to see if friendster actually works
Kris2fur: its so sad
isamu619: what is?
Kris2fur: so many ugly chicks send me messages
isamu619: HAHHAHAHA
Kris2fur: it makes me so sad
isamu619: you're just too damn irresistible
Kris2fur: i have like 20 pages of messages
Kris2fur: mostly from ugly chicks
Kris2fur: not ugly but fugly
isamu619: HAHAHAHAHA
isamu619: that sucks
isamu619: can i post this conversation?
Kris2fur: be my guest
Kris2fur: be sure to note all the sadness involved
isamu619: so not one cute girl?
Kris2fur: not a lick
Kris2fur: actually, maybe one
Kris2fur: but she's borderline
isamu619: *bust out the dephibulator* CLEAR!
isamu619: we're losing her we're losing her
Kris2fur: most girls got hit by the ugly stick a couple of times but this one is where the ugly stick glanced off of her
Kris2fur: hahahaha

:: posted by Z [9:23 AM] ::

:: Sunday, July 20, 2003 ::
Motorcycles and Moonlight Rides…
Another weekend passes. Another weekend not spent in some club in San Diego or LA. After taking off early from work on Friday, I was still caught in traffic and had endure the grid locked car trap that the 15N has become in recent days along with the thousands of other commuting corporate wage slaves who probably had the same idea I had and thought they were being clever by leaving work early. I guess even though I was mistaken, it’s nice to know I wasn’t the only one.

I’ve come to realize something. The nights are so much calmer and quieter when you’re not at a club. Obvious, I know. But I guess after extended exposure, such simple things are sometimes forgotten. Honestly it felt odd but ultimately ok. After a while though, I couldn’t stand to be cooped up in m room any longer and decided to go for a motorcycle ride on my brother’s bike. It’s probably been years since I went riding for any extended period of time. I took the back road from PQ through Rancho Santa Fe and up to La Jolla. Then I took Torrey Pines to Del Mar along the beach. I kicked it at Fran’s for a bit before eventually ending up at John Dang’s where I got a tad high off contact while everyone else smoked out. It was a fairly chill but good night.

The next day, I was suppose to go up to Palomar with John Dang and Fran but nothing ever came of it, though I wasn’t entirely too surprised. It will most likely end up happening, just in a few weeks. I should probably sharpen my skills a bit more if I plan to tackle the turns on Palomar anyway. With that in mind I went riding again on Saturday night; this time I took the 15 to the 52 to the Cove. I sat on the bike and watched waves crashing into the rocks for several long minutes just thinking. While it didn’t hold the drunken bass pounding excitement my typical Saturday nights hold, it was cool it is own way. Riding definitely made we want to accelerate the process of getting my own bike. Now the only question is to get a new one or a used one. I wonder what next weekend will hold...

:: posted by Z [10:23 PM] ::

:: Wednesday, July 16, 2003 ::
AGlimpseInside 1 Year Anniversary!
That’s right, at approximately 1 PM a year ago today, the sheer magnitude of my boredom and inactivity at work drove me to start a blog what would eventually grow into this website. It’s hard to fathom that it’s already been a year since that moment but dates don’t lie. It has all passed by in a blur and quite a pleasant one at that. Things done, people met, places seen. I’ve tried to live my life the best I could and to its maximum, and through this site, have been able to share some of my experiences with those of you out there in the form of posts, pictures and prose. I hope you had as much fun browsing as I did creating. And now a review of some of the events that stood out or in some cases blacked out completely in my mind from the last year:

2002.07.16 – AglimpseInside started.
2002.08.02 – I get my digicam and shortly after start the imagery section of this website.
2002.08.12 – Watching Rent in downtown SD
2002.08.30 – The Infamous Vegas Labor Day (sorry Alberto)
2002.09.14 – My annual birthday BBQ
2002.09.27 – Getting X’d at Sharks
2002.10.26 – Monster Massive
2002.10.31 – Halloween in the Castro
2002.12.23 – First day of snowboarding at Mt. High
2002.12.30 – New Years Road Trip to the Bay (Dot, SF, Sugar Bowl)
2003.01.24 – Snowboarding at Heavenly
2003.02.12 – Japan/Thailand Trip with Ted
2003.04.28 – Israel Trip
2003.05.23 – Vegas Memorial Day
2003.06.28 – My Sis gets engaged

My sincerest thanks and love to every single individual who enriches and blesses my life. Without you, my life would be considerably duller; there would be a lot less material for me to write about and definitely a lot less readers to listen to my rants. I hope this next year will be even better, filled with adventure, both old and new faces, and will leave us all with more fond memories. So if you’re reading, stay tuned. As I’ve said on previous occasions, this site, like life, is far from over.

:: posted by Z [10:25 AM] ::

:: Tuesday, July 15, 2003 ::
Off Kilter and On Edge…
So I crawled out of bed yesterday, a Herculean effort at the time considering the state I was in, and groggily dragged myself across my room to turn off my alarm which reverberated in my head like an air raid claxon in London during the Battle of Britain. Actually it was my second alarm. It takes two alarms these days to pull the blanket of slumber completely off of me, but yesterday, even two was insufficient. I stood there for a second, in that half sleep half awake haze we all know so well, quickly considered my options, a feat that was somewhat remarkable since none of my higher brain functions had yet to come online, and decided that another 5 minutes of sleep was the best course of action. Well you can probably infer with a high degree of accuracy what the end result was: I was late for work naturally. So the day started off bad and for the most part, stayed there.

By the time I returned home, I was in an acutely agitated state for no real reason and no immediate solution as how to relieve the pressure, which served only to increase my agitation. I was just on edge, so much so that I didn’t feel like doing anything at all. Finally I decided to go work out, hoping to distract myself from whatever affliction had sized my mind and it actually worked, albeit temporary. Afterwards, the agitation returned. I felt like screaming, and maybe I should have. In retrospect it might have helped. Finally I put on some soothing music and settled down to read for a bit. Slowly I felt the edge inside of me begin to soften and eventually flatten. Not sure what put me in such a state but I definitely don’t want to have repeat of that anytime soon. It basically ruined my whole day. *sigh*

:: posted by Z [10:10 AM] ::

:: Saturday, July 12, 2003 ::
Straight From the Source...
Me: So did you find any anime porn?

Yanni: NO! Can you get me some?

Me: I already told Josh I couldn't. (-ed note: I probably could if I actually felt like it.)

Yanni: Comon, it would be so easy for you. You're in front of a computer all day long. It would just be click, click, click for you!

Me: Why do you want it anyway?

Yanni: I want to see how they work it.

Me: Umm... how they work it? Why?

Yanni: Cause I have idea about how cartoons from childhood being pure and good and I can't imagine how it would actually be.

Me: So you wish to taint and distort that image?

Yanni: Yeah, so can you get it?

Me: No, ask Ed.

Yanni: Yeah he probably already has a bunch of it.

Me: Haha. Why do you think that?

Yanni: It's always the quiet ones.

Me: I guess. I'll tell him you said so.

Yanni: Ok.

Me: Good luck finding your anime porn.

Yanni: Thanks.

:: posted by Z [11:54 AM] ::

:: Wednesday, July 09, 2003 ::
The Things People Ask Me...
Josh: Do you have anime porn?

Me: Excuse me?

Josh: You know, anime porn.

Me: No, I don't watch that stuff. Why are you asking?

Josh: Cause Yanni (this is Josh's girlfriend for those who don't know) wants to watch some.

Me: Umm ok. (-ed note: If it was any other guy, I wouldn't believe him. But Yanni is definitely that perverse.)

Josh: Can you get some?

Me: No.

Josh: But you have so much anime.

Me: On the sites I get my anime from, distribution of pornagraphy is typically illegal or banned.

Josh: Oh. So you can't get any?

Me: No.

Josh: Ok.

:: posted by Z [6:40 PM] ::

:: Monday, July 07, 2003 ::
Independence Weekend…
Well in many ways it was your typical weekend for me but at the same time very atypical as well. What do you mean, you may ask. Well keep on reading to find out.

Thursday night I made the long trek to LA. If you’re a regular here, you’ll note that this was entirely typical. We were supposed to go to Sunset Room but after a few changes in plans, we ended up at the Mayan (pictures to be posted soon). As expected, the party was off the hook but unfortunately a few of our over eager party goers consumed amounts of alcohol above their respected acceptable limits and were how should I say, politely asked to vacate the premises. LOL. But I had a great time and that’s all that matters right? I got to kick it with Cuong and Si and even managed to bump into Amber of all people. Unfortunately getting back at 4:30am pretty much blew but the next day I woke up at noon so it was all good.

Friday day I was pretty much the biggest bum on Earth, lying around watching DVDs and anime, basically recovering from the ordeal of the previous night. Around 8 or 9, Mitch and his friends rolled by and we started a phat BBQ. People started getting crazy as the alcohol started flowing and what started off as one innocent prank of pushing one guy in the pool quickly escalated into an insane fiasco of about 20 people in the pool with each successive wet person pulling in a new dry person to share their misery. Pretty soon girls were hiding out in the house, afraid to come outside within arms length of any one of the 20 or so people dripping wet. Unfortunately the night ended badly with one individual passing out from alcohol in the pool. Long story short, the paramedics came and took him to the hospital. Thankfully he was ok.

Saturday day was basically the same deal as Friday day. But later on in the afternoon, Julia and her friends came over to BBQ. Two in one weekend… I love independence weekend. It was strange at first only knowing Julia but her friends were all dope and fairly quickly, everything was cool. Afterwards we hit up downtown for some clubbing. Though in truth I spent most of my time just chilling and drinking the lounge downstairs of the club.

On Sunday I just met up with the same crew to have lunch in La Jolla. Then went home to do all those errands I had been putting off for the entire long weekend.

So basically it was typical because I did all the things I normally do, but atypical because I went from kicking it with crews where I knew the majority of people there to hanging out with groups where I knew only a small minority. But it’s always good meeting new cool people right?

:: posted by Z [10:28 AM] ::

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