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:: Thursday, January 23, 2003 ::
Snowboards and Superbowls...
Well it’s done. So in summary - Ticket to Tokyo: $445. Ticket to Thailand: $430. Travel expenses: $1000 (hopefully hehe). First trip overseas: priceless. And boy has it been hectic, with last minute changes, work pressure coming to bare, it’s been a fairly crazy week. But now that most of the details are out of the way I just have to concentrate and finish up everything here at work. So far things look ok and despite a few set backs, which were entirely not my fault, I am still on schedule to finish ahead of schedule. I stayed up a little too late last night packing for Tahoe because I was watching Stir of Echoes (freakier than I remembered it) and procrastinating. Will I ever learn? Probably not, oh well, bygones. So most of today wasn’t too productive but enough so that no one will notice a minor slide in productivity and perhaps a few longer breaks spent chatting on AIM.

I’m still a little preoccupied by the fact I might miss the biggest football game of the year, the Superbowl for those who may have just arrive from Mars and have been living in a hole in some remote jungle island of the Pacific, because we’ll be driving back from the bay on Sunday. The game isn’t until 3pm but I seriously doubt we could leave early enough on Sunday to be back in SD by that time. So here’s the game plan. Maybe we’ll stop in LA for a couple of hours and catch the game. Now if only I could convince Josie and Josh. Well it’s worth a try. Oh yeah, I’ll also be missing Jorge’s birthday extravaganza which I’m sure will be off the hook because it’s Superbowl weekend, the Superbowl is in San Diego, and anything with Jorge usually involves large amounts of alcohol if not someone passing out completely incoherent on a couch somewhere. So a quick shout out to Jorge, Happy BDay homi. Anyway, back to the grind I go. And remember, everyone party hard but safe this weekend!

:: posted by Z [2:17 PM] ::

:: Thursday, January 16, 2003 ::
Japan and Beyond…
Details have finally begun to solidify for my trip to the land of the rising Sun and it appears I have a problem. Well not exactly a problem but a dilemma of sorts and a conflict with work. Ted has suggested, and I am highly tempted by his idea, that we go to Thailand for the full moon party while I’m in Japan. Now I’m not quite certain everything that’s sure to entail but I have a fairly active imagination and I’m thinking that it’ll be a party to remember. That in and of itself of course isn’t a problem. I mean if I’m going to go to one country, why not two right? Actually his suggestion includes Cambodia and Vietnam too but that’s another topic altogether. The conflict arises because the festival is February 16th which means I would have to leave the US by February 13th and I am presently tasked to my project until February 24th. So as I desperately scramble at work and put in long hours, hoping against odds, to finish over a week ahead of schedule so I too can partake in the Thai festivities, I think to myself that the trip will be all the more worthwhile because of the trials I had endure to make it possible.

:: posted by Z [9:31 AM] ::

:: Monday, January 13, 2003 ::
Impulse Comsumer Spending...
While I didn’t spend this weekend in trademark fashion, namely drinking, dancing and just plain dumping money down a, what at times seems endless, black hole in exchange for brief flashes of memories and blinding colored lights, that is when I remember anything at all, I did manage to lighten my ever shrinking checking account by quite a significant amount. My sister came down to visit from Long Beach and I spent Sunday out and about shopping with my family instead of sitting at home watching the playoffs. As it turned out I’d get a chance to catch the games because we ended up at Best Buy and the Goodguys shopping for a new big screen TV for the family room downstairs which has remained vacant for a little more than half a year now. My sister and her boyfriend were also scoping for a new 27” TV for their apartment. It just so happens that’s the exact size of my television. I guess it was just being around all the electronics but I had a moment of weakness and suggested without any real consideration that they could have mine while I upgrade to a newer, bigger and better set. What was I thinking? Someone should have been there to be the voice of reason. To ask the important question of necessity, because there was none. My 27” set had always been sufficient. But sadly no one did that, no one tried to stop me. In the end I came home with a new 32” Sony which was no easy task getting up the stairs and barely fit on my TV stand. And wouldn’t you know it, it already has a problem. Lucky, past misfortunes with electronics enabled me with enough hindsight to purchase a five year extended service plan. Oh well, there goes this week’s paycheck. In future cases I hope to display a higher degree of self control and responsible spending habits, but you know what they say, you can’t win them all.

:: posted by Z [2:58 PM] ::

:: Tuesday, January 07, 2003 ::
The Week Long Marathon…
Well I wasn’t quite able to get out the aftermath report yesterday. Who knew it would take so long to put up the nearly 200 pictures I took over this last week in LA, SF and Tahoe? I certainly wasn’t prepared for it. But regardless, I’m getting the report out now and that’s what’s important. Just a fair warning to readers, this report begins all the way back on last Friday, December the 27th so it might be a little long winded. Feel free to get up at any time and get some refreshment or relieve yourself. I’ll still be here when you get back. Now on with the show…

-Shark Club, Irvine (Friday)
For those who’ve been there with me, they know that the Shark Club and I have had a troubled history, and what’s more it’s one I can’t fully remember. I don’t know what it is about this club, they don’t know how to mix drinks to save their lives and the music and venue are just average, but I always get trashed there. I can’t explain it. It’s one of those higher mysteries my mind will probably never comprehend, and this night was no different. Of course that might have something to do with polishing off that entire bottle of raspberry Smirnoff and a couple of beers on the car ride up from SD. There were only 4 of us. Needless to say, we were all completely towed up. I didn’t even recall the trip to Denny’s following the club until Vu reminded me the next day. What’s worse it took me 30 minutes to get home from Thuy’s house in Mira Mesa when it normally takes 5. Somehow I got lost in the back roads of Mira Mesa and ended up in Sorrento Valley! Everyone else ended up crashing at Thuy’s. They were the smart ones. Oh well, at least I didn’t get blacklisted from the bar again. Anyway, moving on…

-Century Club, Los Angeles (Saturday)
After a night like that, lesser men might take a day and rest. But us? Hah! We laugh in the face of such inebriety, take two Advil, a glass of water, 4 hours of sleep and we’re off again. On Saturday it was back to the tried and tested, hardly ever bested Century Club. After an evening with less than handful of clubbers, it was back to rolling deep and in style. While the night started off slowly, I was initially determined not to drink, but after running into Si and Nadine as well as battling fatigue and boredom, I figured what’s one little drink? Well one quickly progressed into 6 or was it 7? Honestly I can’t recall but with comedy acts like Yanni trying to pick up guys but only attracting every fugly guy within a 1 mile radius (pictures available on the imagery page), including one overly anxious and cocky black fella who Shelly and Yanni had to literally run away from the night definitely was memorable. Afterwards, we ended up, where else but Denny’s again. This time it was the Denny’s in k-town with 4 girls from Riverside. At least I think it was from Riverside. Vu straight passed out and Chester never made it. On the car ride down, the 5 South must have exploded or something and I was stuck in traffic hell. We didn’t get back to SD till 7am with me driving and everyone else knocked the fuck out. Except for a few squandered opportunities on my part and crazy traffic, all in all, it was definitely worth the bill and trouble.

-Karaoke Club, San Francisco (Monday)
Sunday was the day of rest. It would be my only one. After staying up till 4am packing, I woke up on time on Monday morning and met up with the crew. It was a lonely and long 8 hour car ride up to the bay, but I managed somehow. We checked into the hotel, ate dinner across the street, and then started drinking. As often happens we lagged, and by the time we decided to actually go out it was already 1am. The only real option was a karaoke club across the street that closed at 2am. But after getting a whiff of Chester’s jack and coke (99% jack, 1% coke) he refused us service. I can’t understand why, a bunch of upstanding and proper individuals such as us. We were then forced to go further down the street to a much more ghetto karaoke bar. By then we only had about 45 minutes to rock the mic. As usual Mat was a mic hog but that’s ok, we’re use to it. Heh.

-Dot, San Francisco (Tuesday)
New Years Eve, the climax of our little excursion to the city by the bay and it didn’t disappoint. Most were faded by the time they walked into the club. At the pre-party in the suite the Remy, Jack and Vodka were free flowing. The party itself was like a UCSD reunion. Lots of familiar faces floating around and despite a fairly cramped venue, everyone seemed to have a good if not great time. The flashes from the lights and grip of digital cameras blinded people all night long and we took up half the dance floor. After the party is the after party and Mat somehow invited 5 black guys into the suite. When security came and broke everything up at 4am, most people would have called it a night, but not Chester and Steamin’ Steve. No, these guys drive an hour to Annie’s place in south San Jose. CRAZY! I’m surprised Vu didn’t go but supposedly he was knocked out and Chester didn’t wake him. Talk about partying like a rock star. I definitely came away from this night with some new stories and a lot of good memories. Tee hee.

-Sugar Bowl, Tahoe (Thursday, Friday)
I reluctantly left the clubbing crew Wednesday night and made the trek solo to Concord to meet up with Josie, Gordon and Wyman. As customary before a snowboarding trip, I didn’t get much sleep and we woke up at 5:30am to begin the drive to Sugar Bowl. The snow the first day was a bit too icy and I got banged up a bit, but by the end of the day I had gotten all the kinks worked out of my carving and ended the day strong. I don’t think the newbies could say the same thing though. Josie, Jocelyn and Wyman were pretty bruised and sore by the time we got back to the El Dorado in Reno. The next day held much better conditions, a bit slushy with some powder patches. By the end of the 2nd day I finally started feeling the fatigue and Josie and Jocelyn finally got down toe-side carving. The next day, on the way back down, everyone was complaining about a bruised butt but me. Yay for me!

-Punchline, San Francisco (Saturday)
It was my last night in the bay and we decided to hit up a comedy club called Punchline in the city. Josie, Gordon and I picked up Claudia and met up with Tommy and Simon for dinner in Chinatown. I forgot the name of the place but it was mad cheap for good food. Then we met up with Jocelyn, Phyllis and her friend at Punchline. We had 3 comics, a slob, a homo and a Jew. This is how they referred to themselves. The Jew, Billy Slate I think was his name was the headliner. And man was this guy vulgar. I mean he raised the bar in crassness. I think some of the girls were unprepared for him, especially his cracks toward Asians. But I have to admit, a lot of the things he said were funny, if not politically correct. It was only a comedy club after all. The next day it was a long 6½ hour car ride home but at least I had Josie for company this time. Now that it’s over, I miss it already. I can’t remember a time recently when I had so much fun in such a short time frame. Let’s just hope my upcoming trips will be as great. Can you believe this is the abridged version? There was just too much to talk about in one place. Thanks to everyone who made the last week one to remember for many years to come.

:: posted by Z [3:40 PM] ::

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